AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® application procedures

AFONTERMO® is a ready to use product to be applied in two layers and is available in various finishes. The total thickness after the application is about 4 mm for the inside walls and 6 mm for the external walls.
Once AFONTERMO® is dry it can be painted using exclusively PITTURA THERMOFOTOCATALITICA AFON CASA which can be colored using mineral oxides. 


  • Mix the product directly in its pail using an electric whisk. The product must be mixed until it becomes homogeneous creamy and soft.
  • Apply evenly using a smooth-edged steel trowel. For a correct application follow these procedures:
    • Apply the first layer of AFONTERMO® type A 1-2mm;
    • Let the first layer dry completely (about 48 hours), then proceed with the application of the second layer choosing from the following finishes:
      • AFONTERMO® Type B Smooth finish - before use add a flask of INDURITORE AFON CASA (hardner) to the pail and mix using an electric mixer. Once the second layer is dry (about 48 hours), if necessary, you can proceed painting the wall.
      • AFONTERMO® Type B 0,25-0,5 mm. Civil finish with grain size comparable to fine sand. Once the second layer is dry (about 48 hours), if necessary, you can proceed painting the wall.
      • AFONTERMO® Type B 0,5-1 mm. Civil finish con granulometria paragonabile all’intonaco tradizionale. Attendere l’asciugatura (48 ore circa) e successivamente tinteggiare la superficie se necessario.


  • After adding a flask of Catalizzatore Afon Casa (Catalyzer) for each pail of AFONTERMO® Type A CORAZZATO (Armored AFONTERMO® for external use), mix the product until it becomes homogeneous creamy and soft.
  • Proceed by applying evenly the product to the surface using a smooth-edged steel trowel.
  • When the first layer is completely dry, after approximately 48 hours, proceed by applying a second hand of the same type of AFONTERMO®.
  • Painting must be done using exclusively our PITTURA THERMOFOTOCATALITICA AFON CASA.

ATTENTION: in fall or winter and more generally in presence of high humidity levels, the product takes from 2 to 6 days to dry, so be sure the surfaces are completely dry before applying the second layer of AFONTERMO®. Do not apply AFONTERMO® Type A CORAZZATO during adverse weather conditions like rain or hail.


Instruction video on how to apply AFONTERMO®


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Anti-condensation, reflective, extra-thin insulating skim coat.

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