Thermal properties

Of particular importance, in light of the increased demand for biocompatibility and energy efficiency solutions, is the extraordinary thermal character of the product that prevents the generation of condensation and consequent mold and simultaneously optimizes the energy performance of buildings. AFONTERMO® applied on pillars and concrete beams cancels the effect of thermal bridges and, used on inside or on outside walls, replaces the traditional thermal coat.
After applying a 1 mm layer of AFONTERMO® on 3 mm steel plate, and exposing the untreated side to 155 ° C temperature, 18° C of temperature where detected; this means that a 1 mm layer of AFONTERMO® shields 137° C. This is proof that AFONTERMO® doesn't absorb heat but riflects it. On this basis we can affirm that in a house whose internal walls have been treated with our product the temperature remains mild and constant and reduces drastically the use of the heating system.
With the application of a very thin layer of the product extraordinary results have been obtained in extreme cases like for example on masonry without any kind of thermal insulation and in presence of extended mold on interior walls.
In light of the results, AFONTERMO® is the solution for all problems concerning thermal insulation, thermal bridges, surface condensation and energy wastage concerning our living area.


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Anti-condensation, reflective, extra-thin insulating skim coat.

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