AFONTERMO® Thermal insulation by reflectance

A fundamental characteristic of the product is its high reflectance. If AFONTERMO is applied on the exterior walls it repels solar radiation keeping the rooms cool in the summer even without the use of air conditioning devices.
For thermal insulation it is advisable to use products with high reflectance values, this helps to limit the use of air conditioning devices or heating systems and consequently increases energy efficiency and eco-sustainability.
There are various materials that have reflective characteristics: for example, alumina that can be applied on roofs in order to repel part of the solar heat. Even tin foil is a formidable reflector, but it isn't used due to its high cost and the impracticability of the intervention. The materials mentioned have excellent reflecting properties but ar not thermal.
On the other hand, AFONTERMO®, is reflectant but also thermic. This allows AFONTERMO® to reflect up to 80% of temperature and ensure living comfort in every season.

Direct advantages obtained using AFONTERMO® heat-reflecting skim coat:

•    cost reduction in the winter for heating and in the summer for air-conditioning;
•    greater living comfort;
•    lower structural stresses;
•    absence of chemical-physical degradation of the masonry compared to common insulating materials.

Indirect advantages obtained by using AFONTERMO® heat-reflecting skim coat:

•    less overheating of the surrounding urban environment (reduction of the so called “Isola di calore”);
•   absence of pollutant release due to physical-chemical degradation of common insulating materials;
•    reduction of energy consumption with consequent lowering of carbon dioxide emissions.


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Anti-condensation, reflective, extra-thin insulating skim coat.

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