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How to obtain insulation, energy efficiency and a healthy living area?

Insulation, low energy efficiency and a healthy living area, are key principles that must be in mind for any new building or renovation project.
But how do you achieve these objectives? Certainly not by using impermeable products such as a closed-cell insulating coat which, not only can be very thick and occupy lots of space, but in the long run can also compromise the condition of the perimetral walls, therefore the living comfort, as a result of the uncontrolled onset of condensation between the insulation layer and the wall itself. In fact, the traditional coat has a low thermal conductivity value (λ = 0.040-0.030 W / mK), but it also has an extremely high breathability index, resulting waterproof and not breathable.
This is why, since the Eighties, the insulation systems used in residential homes have been a failure; causing actually more harm than benefits, because of the condensation formed by the thermal shock between the two different temperatures (insulating layer and the wall) defaits any energy-saving attempt and cause the formation of mold. The long-term consequences of all this have been: serious damage to the furniture and the buildings, energy consumption and heavy environmental impact, human health risks (eye, skin and respiratory tract irritations, increased allergies).

AFONTERMO® Anti-condensation, reflective insulating skim coat

AFONTERMO® is an excellent alternative to the traditional solutions, it completely revolutionizes thermic insulation thanks to its very limited thickness and thanks to its breathability and termicity that maintain a pleasant temperature in the living area.


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Anti-condensation, reflective, extra-thin insulating skim coat.

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